Squatting Pan Toilet


This Squatting Pan Toilet features a wide front profile, comfortable sitting area and hygienic smooth-gloss vitreous china. The discrete odor control design, plus the superior self-cleaning ability of smooth-gloss vitreous china ensure a sanitary ablution experience. The high-gloss vitreous china provides easy cleaning and resists vandalism.

In general, squat toilets are more sanitary than toilets because your body doesn’t need to touch any of the toilet parts. Therefore, squatting pans are very common in Asia countries. Squatting pan will not be directly connected to the drainage pipeline because the bad order will come in the toilets. So squatting pan will be connected to the drain pipe by using an ‘S’ trap or ‘P’ trap. This trap will avoid escape of bad order from drain line by a water seal.

Model Number : ORSA PAN 20″
Brand : Sungold
Color : White
Type : Squatting Pan
Mount Type : Floor Mount
Shape : Elongated
Size : 52x42x28cm
Weight : 12 KG