Bathluxe CB038-60 Bathroom Cabinet


As fresh as a daisy, Bathluxe CB038-60 Bathroom Cabinet (Bathroom Vanity) will give your bathroom the freshest of makeovers. gives you loads of precious storage space with its layered store design. Its surface is covered with light grey melamine finish with apricot wood color in the wooden color part  which makes it good looking and environment-friendly. It features soft close, 304 Stainless Steel hinges which eliminates noise while closing doors while also making them rust-free and durable. Waterproof coating is done on the plywood material. Mirror Cabinet features High-definition mirror with anti-bursting and no distortion to reflect the real you. There is ample space inside mirror cabinet and main basin cabinet due to the layered storage design which makes it convenient to classify bathroom items. With ample storage spaces it makes your bathroom looking tidy and clean. Ceramic Basin has undergone 1280°C Calcination with anti-bacterial multi-layer glazing process which makes it smooth, easier to clean and bright, pure white in color. Plywood used has 16mm thickness which is also water-proof and moisture-proof. We have used high quality plywood that has no odor, no formaldehyde so it is safe from adverse effects like watery eyes, burning sensation in the eyes and skin irritation. The PVC is light weight while maintaining high strength and it doesn’t fade away nor deformed.

Bathluxe Bathroom Cabinet (Bathroom Vanity)

Model Number : CB038-60
Installation Type : Wall Mounted
Main Cabinet Size : 610x480x490mm
Mirror Cabinet Size : 600x650x120mm
Cabinet Material : Plywood
Finish : Melamine
Hinge : Soft-close, 304 S.S.
Color : Light Grey